Welcome to Using Information Resources and Managing Information Sources

Hello and welcome to this part of our course where we begin preparing for the final project, which is editing a selected Wikipedia article. To begin, we're going to focus on two key components that are vital for anyone delving into the world of personal knowledge management.

First, we'll explore how to find, select, and utilize various information resources. You'll learn to navigate through the information out there and pinpoint what's relevant for your needs. This will academic databases, online journals, and other digital libraries. You will acquire the skills to access and make the most of these resources.

In the next section, we'll dive into the practical world of Reference Managers, with a special focus on Zotero. Reference managers are used to support your research and information organization. Specifically, Zotero is a powerful application that helps manage bibliographic data and related research materials. We'll walk through its features, from the basics of adding sources to generating bibliographies.

This section lays the foundation for the rest of the course. The skills and concepts you acquire and learn here will be integral to your success in managing information effectively, both in this course and in your broader academic or professional endeavors.