Wikipedia Project: Completion


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In the Wikipedia Project: Setup you read about editing Wikipedia articles. You were also asked to create an account on Wikipedia and make a small edit to your user page. In this last section, your task is to edit the actual Wikipedia articles that you chose for the project.

By now, you have selected at least six sources for your Wikipedia articles: three sources from the library and three sources from the web. You must add two sources as references to each of your Wikipedia articles. You can mix up the sources. For example, you can add two library sources to one Wikipedia article, two web-based sources to your other Wikipedia article, and then one library and one web-based source to your third Wikipedia article.

When you edit your article, be sure you are logged in to your Wikipedia account when making your edits. If you are not signed in, you will not earn credit for this assignment.

To Edit

  • Log into Wikipedia and make sure you are logged in when you make all edits to Wikipedia.
  • Begin adding references to your Wikipedia articles. You must integrate two sources in each of your three Wikipedia articles.