Chapter Three: E-Resource Stewardship

This chapter on e-resource stewardship explores the complex and essential aspects of managing electronic resources within libraries. The following sections cover:

  1. the ERM workflow, which details the procedures and practices involved in the effective handling of digital materials;
  2. markets and economics of e-resources, which offers insights into how copyright law influences the financial dynamics and market trends that shape electronic resource availability and pricing;
  3. licensing, which focuses on the legal considerations and contractual agreements essential to obtaining and providing electronic content;
  4. negotiations for e-resources, which examines the strategies and techniques employed in securing favorable terms and conditions for libraries and their patrons; and
  5. acquisitions and collection development, which helps illuminate the careful planning and execution involved in curating a diverse and relevant digital collection.

The goal with these sections is to provide a holistic view of e-resource stewardship, equipping you with the knowledge and skills necessary for the contemporary electronic resource landscape.