I consider this book to be a live document. Perhaps, then, this is version 0.8, or something like that. In any case, it will be continually updated throughout the year but probably more often before and during the fall semesters when I teach my Linux Systems Administration course.

This book in no way is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of systems administration nor of Linux. It's meant to act as a starting point for those interested in systems administration, and it's meant to get students, many of whom grew up using only graphical user interfaces, familiar with command line environments. In that respect, this book, and the course that I teach, is aimed at empowering students to know their technology and become comfortable and more experienced with it, especially the behind the scenes stuff. That said, I'm proud that some of my students have gone on to become systems administrators. Other courses in our program and their own work and internships have probabably contributed more to that motivation, but I know that this course has been a factor.

If you're not a student in our program but have stumbled upon this book, I hope it's helpful to you, too. This is, in fact, why I've made it available on my website and not simply dropped it in my course shell.

C. Sean Burns, PhD
August 13, 2022